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Street Fighting Man
By The Rolling Stones
(The Greatest Rock And Roll Band In The World)

Evrywhere I hear the sound of marching, charging feet,
cause summers here and the time is right for fighting
in the street, boy
But what can a poor boy do
Except to sing for a rock n roll band
cause in sleepy london town
There's just no place for a street fighting man

Hey! think the time is right for a palace revolution
But where I live the game to play is compromise
Well, then what can a poor boy do
Except to sing for a rock n roll band
cause in sleepy london town
Theres no place for a street fighting man

Hey! said my name is called disturbance
Ill shout and scream, Ill kill the king, Ill rail at
all his servants
Well, what can a poor boy do
Except to sing for a rock n roll band
cause in sleepy london town
Theres no place for a street fighting man

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

One Year Later; One Year Dumber.
An entire year has passed since my last blog entry.  I'm not an altruist.  Awash in a sea of sheeple, there's little motivation to interact with the herd.  "The truth isn't for all men, but only for those who seek it" (said Ayn Rand).  It isn't rational to acknowledge a cry of betrayal from any individual whom embraces, advocates, and perpetuates the core of that betrayal.  Staring in dead-end amazement, I'm wondering, "can a herd get so dumb by choice, that they'll literally expire without a nudge?"  Either way, I DON'T CARE. 

If you want to be perceived as relevant, then choose a valid philosophy, practice it to the nth degree, and stop sacrificing the individual to the collective. 

The February 2, 2010 article to follow my commentary, is excerpt from "The Market Ticker" http://market-ticker.denninger.net/ .  I wholeheartedly recommend The Market Ticker to anyone seeking the truth.  Contrastly for the rest of the herd, here is a bit of information you have probably forgotten while transforming your betrayal into faith: 

1) Reality isn't vulnerable to interpretation. 
2) Knowing the truth doesn't matter, only the truth matters. 
3) The herd doesn't matter, only the individual matters. 
4) A majority of one, is still a majority. 
5) Augustus Comte coined the word "altruism" and in his words he stated that "society can not tolerate the notion of an individual right". 
6) Today's self-professed altruists pragmatically deny Comte's definition of "altruism" to facilitate avoidance of introspection. 
7) Practicing altruism (selflessness) to the nth degree results in death.  Therefore altruism can not be practiced to the nth degree and is not a valid philosophy. 
8) An aversion to principle manifests a menace of pragmatism. 
9) Empires fall. 
10) Betrayal is not an accident, it is a choice. 

Woodchuck Pirate

From "The Market Ticker":

Tuesday, February 2. 2010

The Republicans Learned Nothing....

11:59 am est 

Monday, March 2, 2009


Today it is reported by Reuters, that the U.S. Government will deliver another $30 billion to insurer AIG.  And what have they done to earn this reward?  Answer: They posted a record $61.7 billion fourth-quarter loss.  This isn't just a record for AIG.  No, this is a record corporate loss in all of America's history!  Can anyone at AIG define "insurance"?  

let's all take a moment to fathom and truly appreciate the magnificence of AIG's "competency".  This record loss is reported to equal $22.95 per share.  On Friday Feb 27, 2009, the closing price for these shares was just 42 cents.  Anybody want to own a 42 cent stock that loses $22.95 per share?  Well heck the Government isn't asking your opinion, they're looting you and your children to get it.  The Democrats and Republicans consider it a matter of guardianship, they do this for your own good!   

AIG stock traded at $49.50 a year ago!  AIG has posted 5 consecutive quarterly losses totaling more than 100 billion.  That stock is now nearly worthless at 42 cents per share having lost almost all that "value" in the short period since September 2008.  Remember folks there's a big difference between kneeling down and bending over.  Never before has the "guardianship" of the U.S. Government so closely resembled gay porn.  At least in the movie "Deliverance", Ned Beatty was shown the dignity of being held at gunpoint.  

How long before "you" stop worshipping the collective egos namely the Republican and Democratic Parties?  How long before "you" turn off their dysfunctional mouthpieces namely Bill OReilly, Rush limbaugh, and the collusive octopus framework of liberal media?  These dysfunctional mouthpieces are nothing more than "cheerleaders" for conformity.  They are parasitic manifestations of herd mentality.  "You" can start "thinking" or "you" can worship those that lead "you" aimlessly into slavery.  Conformity, comprise solution, is "your" fault.  Cowardice is "your" fault.  Betrayal is "your" fault. 

Woodchuck Pirate

9:42 am est 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Altruism Is The Philosophy Of Death.
Only Laissez Faire Capitalism will sustain freedom. The Government will eat through every good muscle it can reach.

Grandma told me a long time ago that you might as well eat the devil as to sip his broth. You can contemplate all the excitable Government intervention recipes you want, but it's still your own arse yer a boilin'. Bon Apettit!

Woodchuck Pirate
9:49 am est 

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's A War Of One.
I have never ever seen any evidence past or present to support the notion that government can control or save the economy. I have always reasonably concluded that FDR's new deal simply existed alongside independent economic forces of private capital that brought resolution savagely in the form of World War 2. I think the bailout/stimulus packages only serve to laden the taxpayer with debt and transfer wealth to elite corporate gangsters that control the banks as served by the fraudulent role of the Federal Reserve. I think this was all foretold by Thomas Jefferson.

In conclusion I think despite the global nature of the crisis, the power elite of global enterprise recognizes enhanced utility through the new TARP legislation. The global elite have continued interest in amassing future power and wealth through their loyal relationship with the Federal Reserve. I'm not aware of any competing utility comparably offered by other nations. This is likely the new definition of leadership by the United States.

China's economy is effectively held ransom to ensure they continue to finance the United States national debt. All in all it's a diabolically brilliant arrangement. And the fact that the U.S. has been at the game so much longer than other nations implies the members of the global elite are longterm members of the American cause. As long as the U.S. citizens remain reliant upon govenment for their personal survival, the U.S. will continue on this path through severe recessions and depressions. It all comes down to the golden rule, he that has the gold makes the rules. Forget paper money, it holds no water. 

If I'm getting my head around anything real, it's not likely to benefit me beyond the satisfaction to have seen it happen. It's enough to have a valid philosophy and be conscious. If there's anything I'm 100% convinced of, it's that the world has changed, and it's never going back to the way it was. Does anyone realize how much money has been lifted from the taxpayers just in this country alone in the last few months? The ease in how the Federal Reserve pushed their agenda through Congress into my wallet instills a cold sense of powerlessness. The only defense I have is to get rid of the wallet. It's a war of one.

Since 1959 I've been questioning authority. It makes me feel old to look around today and realize I don't recognize anything from my childhood days. From the front-line of the homestead to the front-line of global economic warfare, it's all changed. And it's every bit as ugly as it ever was.

People today content themselves with grabbing at what bones government cares to toss their way. Not an ounce of philosophical integrity to protect them as Government merges globally to enslave their children. To watch the politicians scurry after any excuse to throw money at the automakers has got to be the lowest point in U.S. government history. That is if you take any stock in honor.

I don't see Unions as the downfall of the U.S. auto industry. I see the auto industry as a last shred of a manufacturing economy that has long since left America never to return. China bought that game from the U.S. decades ago. Where the head goes the body will follow. The misdirections of the Big 3 were based on short term desperations, entrenching the company into products that had no mass market future. Relying on political alliances then as they are now, they are still brokering desparate visions.

The real difference between my position and other's, is that some appear willing to do anything (and I mean anything) to save the union. I suspect there is a viable future for the Big 3 as importers of vehicles produced offshore. The big 3 chased down the global opportunities and act ready to have their cake and eat it too. They will pursue every opportunity to get the politicians to betray the will of the people and extort a loan on the backs of taxpayers. It can't be a surprise to learn that the working class doesn't fit the model of a Union employee what with their inflated wages and layoff benefits. In today's working world that model is closer to science fiction than the norm.

Consequently the Union has no credible posture as the voice of America, and the more they cling to that rhetoric the more out of touch they appear. It's become a power struggle by the Union to appeal to the hearts of Americans. The appeal seeks to force the Big 3 to forgo the manufacturing concentration oversees even if it's the only viable option for continued existance stateside. The Union as "the workers" in this reality are in disconnect with the future viability of the company. Most American workers have faced up to changes that made them "unnecessary" to a company. Union auto workers have seen great shelter from that which is common for other American workers. It appears to have made them soft. They rode it out as long as they could, but reality has a way of biting off your face to get your attention. Business grew globally and Unions incubated stateside. The writing has long been on the wall. Individuals are always responsible for their own well being, unionized or not.

Conspiracy theorists have always claimed that the Federal Reserve is the face of the shadow government. TARP has provided great evidence to support that claim. All one has to do is follow the future money trails. However the citizens being indoctrinated through government controlled education, enslaved with national debt through the politics of the two party system, and diminished of economic opportunities by government intervention in markets, have no collective voice. It is as I have commited myself to many years ago. A war of one.

The government has expanded into illegitimate roles so widely as to infect virtually all universities with socialism, and corporate America is intimately intertwined with socialist politicians. The citizens exhibit little more than herd mentality in subscribing to one of the two collective egos namely the Democratic and Republican parties. The dysfunctional mouthpieces of these egos continue praising the need to sacrifice the individual to the collective. The abundance of citizens collecting on the government payroll play to the role of cheerleader. No valid philosophy is attributed to the herd. The herd practices altruism the philosophy of death in sacrificing the individual to the collective. The herd gets its just punishment.

It remains a war of one, and technology will remove the political, geographical, financial, and philosophical barriers to victory. It's just a matter of time. During that time I will continue to remove my wallet and wealth from the reach of the government. I will boycott the Big 3 the same as I have boycotted Harley Davidson. I will barter whenever possible. I will seek to avoid any purchases that incur sales tax. I will always maintain an exit strategy from the U.S. and will continue to exchange information regarding the enemy actions of government with the younger and youngest members of my extended family. Public education is no excuse for ignoring government's assault on freedom. A book lies there to be read. The individual has opportunities that the herd ignores. The herd doesn't deserve to matter. The individual matters.  

Woodchuck Pirate

11:32 am est 

Get A Valid Philosophy Already!
I haven't lost sight of the fact that none of the green agendas will escape abandonment without high gasoline prices in the U.S., possibly higher than $5 per gallon.

Today the herd is begging for stimulus in abandonment of what they had previously espoused as dear values such as simple living, anti-corporate welfare, anti-government intervention in markets, more affordable housing, paying down the national debt, and the list goes on and on.

The Democrats are now pledging themselves into every so-called sin they had previously labeled the Republicans with, legislating the taxpayer into debt at every opportunity, having declined none including corporate welfare. The Republicans have formally renounced all loyalty to any ideology, having only fraudulently postured as free-market advocates in the past. The result is clear and convincing truth that the government has zero capacity to bailout or stimulate the economy. Yet the herd says gimme, gimme, gimme.

Now with the rising sea of opportunity presented as housing prices drop to an intrinsic value, people are begging the government to support housing prices (price fixing). The herd seeks to betray even a core goal of more affordable housing while at the same time demanding help for the poor and middle class. Save me!, no save me!, echos across the land.

Nowhere is there a voice to address the fact that the current low gas prices are undermining incentive to drive less and pollute less. The auto bailout is attempting to be spun as an element of a government green revolution, when in reality low gas prices would critically undermine incentive to buy the products of this dreamy undertaking. It appears to be half-hearted anyway being that the discontinued GEO Metro did more for the green movement than these expensive hybrids perform considering MPG per dollar considerations. Until the greed is scraped off the agenda the socialists won't build products and sell them successfully.

You can't carry the burden of socialism, interjecting anti-competitive legislation, and compete with entities such as Toyota. Wake up already, the evidence is walking into your living rooms. What you learn from one experience is called knowledge to assist you in recognizing bad decisions before you make another. That is called life! Begging for more corruption will get you more of the same. Get a valid philosophy already!

Higher gas prices forced the economy toward more rational and responsible priorities, and also drove goods and services prices upward. The economy was just as critically ill in its previously inflated credit driven state as it is now, so suck it up. Today the whining has risen to a roaring din. Gimme back, gimme back is all the rage.

"Take me back" isn't the battle cry of a green revolution. The American people today truly are pathetic when compared to our ancestors. 
11:14 am est 

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